The ProjectGrundtvig Learning Partnership

THINK BEFORE DRINK aims at fostering awareness for responsible alcohol consumption in order to reduce risky behaviours that may affect health & social relationships. The target groups we will focus on are adults and youngsters, especially disadvantaged individuals particularly affected by the current economic crisis (early school leavers, basic qualifications, unemployed) & all those concerned with improvements in our communities.
We will make adults aware of the boundary between use/abuse by showing cultural habits regarding alcohol consumption. Learn from each other good/bad things & the way each country face alcohol abuse problem.
We will face the problem in 2 approaches:
1. Theoretical background: Elaborate a socio-cultural study of the situation in each country (social habits, laws, uses, properties, effects), analysis of health scientific studies, using different methods (i.e. surveys, interviews) addressed to different agents to know positive/negative aspects of alcohol consumption (youth/social workers, health institutions, residents, beer/wine producers, etc).
2. Practical background: design practical tools using non formal education methods, to foster a real change of behavior. We will put these activities into practice to check effectiveness. Examples: group dynamics, workshops, debates, meetings with psychologists, alcoholics, health institutions, etc. These activities can be used by other European organizations to prevent alcohol abuse too. Also, we will practice some responsible alcohol consumption activities like wine tasting. Results will be published in different ways for higher impact: guidebook (online/paper), flyers, website, blog, facebook, etc, & presented to our local communities in seminars, workshops, exhibition…

EU Partner Countries:

  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Lithuania
  • Turkey

Data concerning teen-agers alcohol consumption habits (frequency)

2-3 times a week
once a week
once a month